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29th January 2018

A Honour To Represent People And You Get To Change The World

“And now on the line we have MEP Alex Mayer and John Rogers…, good morning gentlemen,” this happens quite frequently when I do radio interviews. I know “Alex” works for

29th January 2018

Two Years On Giulio Regeni’s Death Still Matters

Dumped half-naked in a ditch by a motorway on the outskirts of Cairo. That is how Cambridge PhD student Giulio Regeni was discovered two years ago. He was murdered. His

20th November 2017

Alex Mayer MEP’s speech to Labour Party Regional Conference – November 2017

Good morning conference. Firstly I’d like to thank my staff: Peter, Luke, Alex, Joe and Chris. A year is a long time in politics isn’t it? So first let’s rewind

20th November 2017

Ryanair are still flying in the face of workers rights

When Ryanair first announced it was cancelling flights back in September, the headlines and my inbox were filled with complaints from angry passengers. The European Parliament even held an emergency

2nd September 2017

Marching to Labour victory in rural areas

This weekend I’ll be in the Norfolk village of Burston, where we will be commemorating the Burston School Strike at the annual rally that celebrates the longest strike in British

14th July 2017

A Year Is A Very Very Long Time In Politics

The saying goes that “a week is a long time in politics”. It turns out that a year is a very, very long time indeed. This time last year, on

29th March 2017

Sad Day for Britain As PM Triggers Article 50

The much anticipated moment is finally here. Theresa May has written to the European Commission to inform them of her Government’s decision to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

16th February 2017

Why I voted against CETA

Today I voted against CETA, having come to the conclusion it favours big business over people. Twitter was pleased but 141 characters doesn’t leave much room for nuance. I voted

25th January 2017

One Year On, Still No Truth For Giulio

This week marks the terrible anniversary of the murder of a 28-year-old Cambridge University PhD student. Giulio Regeni, an Italian national, had travelled to Egypt to conduct fieldwork into independent

14th January 2017

The new political TV show “Brussels”

This week a new TV drama hit Dutch TV screens about politics, intrigue and power. It promises to be a sexed up version of politics set in the European Parliament