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1st April 2019

View from the European Parliament: I’m still representing constituents on issues like police funding

“Good evening, Cambridge. I’m so proud to be your Member of the European Parliament – still.” That was not the speech I had expected to make on Friday 29 March.

19th March 2019

View from the European Parliament: The mood grows sombre as confusion reigns

It is Tuesday and the day of “meaningful vote two” has dawned. MEPs are grumbly as there is an extra ‪‪9am voting session and Brexit is to blame. We sit

1st March 2019

The threat to Europe isn’t at its fringes, it’s firmly in the centre

The symptoms of Europe’s apparently perpetual political crisis have become steadily normalised. Whether it is startlingly high youth unemployment in southern Europe or the rise of populist parties, trends which

14th February 2019

Office Delivering Millions Closed To Save Thousands.

A small team based in Brussels that helps organisations in the East of England to get the most from Europe is under threat. While other partners pledged to continue funding

13th February 2019

Warning signs: The 2000 fuel crisis is a hint of the disaster no deal might be

Suggesting we fire paint balls at the enemy, hiring a ferry company with no ferries and failing to organise a traffic jam, if it was not so serious, it has

30th January 2019

Hungarian fightback?

If this Hungarian fight back is crushed, all Europeans must bow their heads in shame. On the other side of our continent, a nation is locked in a battle for

5th January 2019

Nothing has changed

A new year has begun, but there is nothing new on the table as far as Brexit is concerned, as once again MPs prepare to debate and vote on May’s

10th December 2018

Academic freedom

“Forced out”, that is how Michael Ignatieff, the President of the widely respected Central European University (CEU) described the situation when the University announced it was leaving Budapest and relocating

28th October 2018

Speech to Labour Party Regional Conference 2018

Good morning Conference. This is likely my last report as your Member of the European Parliament and so I wanted to personally thank all members, trade unionists and Labour Party

9th October 2018

Britain has led the way on ending animal testing, but Brexit could make it harder for us to have a say

This Thursday was World Animal Day and I was at the United Nations in New York to hand over a petition calling for a worldwide end to cosmetics tested on animals.