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Save Suffolk’s Children’s Centres

Posted by Alex Mayer on 29th April 2019

Felixstowe campaigners joined Suffolk Labour Euro MP Alex Mayer to send a message to Suffolk County Council that they want to keep The Oaks Children’s Centre open.

It has been revealed that the Conservatives at Suffolk County Council have earmarked half of Suffolk’s children’s centres for closure.

Alex Mayer MEP said that she opposed any cuts to children’s centres, describing them as a ‘lifeline’ for hundreds of families in Suffolk.

She said: “These are yet more unacceptable cuts to vital services from the Tory-led Suffolk County Council. It’s clear that Theresa May’s claims that austerity is over are false and the children of Suffolk are the ones who will suffer.

Children’s centres like The Oaks here in Felixstowe are a lifeline for families, and I urge Tory Councillors to think again and stop these cuts to vital children’s services.”

Cllr Jack Abbott, Labour spokesman for Children’s Services, Education and Skills at Suffolk County Council, said: “Children’s centres exist in order to support families and give children the best start in life.

“For too long the Tories at Suffolk County Council have been taking part in a race to the bottom, with their managed decline of public services continuing unabated.

“They have got to start thinking five, ten, twenty years ahead and ask themselves; ‘what will the future hold for children and families in Suffolk if we remove these lifelines?’

“It is time the Conservatives realise the value in properly funding children’s centres, support services, early intervention and youth provision. Investment in these areas would not only bring huge social benefits to children and their families, but it will also save the council money further down the line.

“Let’s hope that the Tories wake up and realise their mistake before it is too late.”

A petition is accompanying the campaign and has already gained 700 signatures. It can be found at: