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Europe Told That Size Really Matters In Ely

Posted by Alex Mayer on 4th April 2019

Ely’s Stuntney Road railway bridge is now famous across Europe after Cambridgeshire Euro MP Alex Mayer highlighted the bashed bridge in the European Parliament chamber.

In a debate about road infrastructure MEPs discussed safety measures including how to prevent lorries and trucks from hitting low bridges.

Speaking in the Chamber in Brussels Ms Mayer said: “Britain’s ‘most bashed bridge’ is in Ely in my constituency, just down the road from my office.

The 9 foot tall bridge, has been hit 120 times in ten years and it is still getting hit despite its giant new warning signs causing delays for passengers and big costs in repairs for taxpayers.”

The Euro MP says that as the new signs do not seem to be doing the trick, we need to learn from others and explore both high tech and low tech solutions. She is suggesting the use of chains hanging from a gantry, prior to the bridge, which alert a driver if they hit the top of their vehicle.