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Peace, stability and human rights in Kashmir

Posted by Alex Mayer on 19th March 2019

Alex Mayer MEP hosted an event in Luton to report back on the recent European Parliament hearing also addressed by Wajid Khan MEP, NEC member, Yasmine Dar, Cllr Waheed Akbar, Cllr Nassem Ayub, Raja Najabat and Nazir Qureshi.

The discussion focused on the June 2018 report of the United Nations’ Office of High Commissioner on Human Rights on Kashmir which says that the political dimensions of the dispute between India and Pakistan have long been centre-stage, but “this is not a conflict frozen in time. It is a conflict that has robbed millions of their basic human rights, and continues to this day to inflict untold suffering,”

The report’s key recommendation is to establish a commission of inquiry to conduct a comprehensive and independent international investigation into human rights violations in Kashmir.

The meeting discussed the need to ban the use of pellet guns, which have blinded people and been used on children.

Alex Mayer MEP said: “The use of pellet guns to control demonstrations has, repeatedly, caused injury and death to the innocent.

We want laws repealed so Kashmiri civilians have the right to seek redress through the courts for the actions carried out by the security forces.

We also need consistent pressure. It is not good enough that Kashmir only makes it onto the BBC headlines and into the consciousness of politicians when India and Pakistan step up the rhetoric.”