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Luton MEP Takes Shoppping List To Europe

Posted by Alex Mayer on 14th March 2019

Tinned veg, tinned fruit, long life milk, fruit juice and pasta sauce, that is what a Luton MEP donated to the Luton Food Bank.

The items are the top five products currently needed at the Luton Foodbank and featured in a speech made by Alex Mayer MEP in the European Parliament.

Addressing fellow MEPs in the Parliament Chamber, while holding a shopping list for Luton foodbank, the local Euro MP spoke about the problems of hunger saying: “It is frankly shocking that this government is content to watch one in five children in Britain live in homes that are severely food insecure – making it the worst for child hunger in all of Europe.

Luton food bank gave out 7,565 food parcels last year – an increase of more than 25% on the previous year.

Ms Mayer met staff and volunteers who explained how people find out about their service and which types of food they need most urgently.

Ms Mayer said “I want to say a big thank you to everyone helping at Luton Foodbank. For some families just putting food on the table is a struggle. But the truth is that anyone can suddenly find themselves going hungry, when something unexpected happened, an illness, redundancy or the boiler breaking, and they are thrown into crisis.​

“Luton Foodbank do an amazing job but the reality is, though, that the fifth biggest economy in the world should not be relying so heavily on food banks as we do.​”

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