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More Police Funding Urged As Norfolk Knife Crime Rises Steeply

Posted by Alex Mayer on 10th March 2019

Norfolk has seen a shocking rise in knife crime according to new statistics. ONS figures show that between April 2010 and September 2018 Norfolk recorded an 73% increase in offences involving a knife.

Police figures show that knife crime is rising at a much steeper rate in Norfolk than in London as the use of blades spreads from the cities to the shires.

One factor blamed is “County Lines” the practice of gangs using young people to traffic drugs into more rural areas.

Norfolk MEP Alex Mayer said: “Theresa May doesn’t seem to have grasped there’s a problem with knife crime but local residents do and the head of the Police Federation agrees we have a “national crisis”.

“This is what happens when you slash police numbers and decimate youth services.

“The Chancellor has a Spring Statement on Wednesday. Surely he should grasp the nettle and find more funding for the police before more children die.”