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Suffolk Euro MP Joins Ipswich Big Knit

Posted by Alex Mayer on 5th March 2019

Calling all Ipswich knitters! Get your needles at the ready for the Big Knit to help AgeUK spread the warmth.

Suffolk Euro MP Alex Mayer swapped stitching together European alliances in parliament for knitting mini bobble hats, as she joined the ‘Woolly Wonders’.

Ms Mayer was taught knitting and crocheting skills by expert members of the ‘Woolly Wonders’ club, pensioners who attend the local weekly drop-in session, before meeting manager Jo Reeder to discuss how AgeUK funds are spent in Ipswich.

Everyone can join in with the Big Knit by visiting There you can download knitting patterns to create some real bobble dazzler designs including pineapple hats, a cheeky monkey hat or even a penguin hat.

Once you are done, its “hats away” to drop them off at the local hat collection point at Unit 14, Hillview Business Park, Ipswich, Suffolk IP6 0AJ. AgeUK hope local knitters will make 3,000 hats this year to help reach their 25,000 Suffolk-wide target by July 2019.

The little hats make a big difference. They are used to decorate Innocent Smoothie bottles and in return for each hat knitted, Innocent Smoothies donate 25p to AgeUK.

Alex Mayer MEP said: “Whether you download a pattern and knit a hat on the train to work or invite a group round for a knit and natter, please get involved to support AgeUK.

“If I told you I was a natural knitter, I think it’s fair to say I’d be spinning you a yarn, so thanks to the knitting experts offering me a helping hand.

“Sadly there are older people living in Suffolk who are putting on real woollies in an effort to keep warm before Summer comes round again which is why AgeUK’s support to spread the warmth is so vital.”