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“Bloody Big Push” On Hunts Period Poverty Petition

Posted by Alex Mayer on 27th February 2019

Huntingdon women promoting a petition calling on Cambridgeshire County Council to provide free sanitary products in all public loos will be joined by their Euro MP Alex Mayer for a big push for signatures.

Local mum Kimberly Lavery organised an afternoon of action at the Medway Centre. The women aim to get 500 additional signatures on their petition to reach their 3,000 target and get Cambridgeshire County Council to debate the plan.

At the event, Kimberly reported back on a meeting she had with Thrive youth workers last week about tackling period poverty in Huntingdon and Ms Mayer talked about moves across Europe to cut the costs of periods.

Euro MP Alex Mayer believes Cambridgeshire County Council providing free tampons and pads in schools and libraries would help stamp out period poverty and period stigma.

Estimates show around 137,000 girls across the country miss school each year because they are unable to afford tampons and pads. Meanwhile tampons in every public loo would Ms Mayer says, “simply normalise the topic and combat stigma.”

Backing the campaign, Alex Mayer MEP said: “No one questions the cost of toilet roll in public loos or suggests everyone should carry one around with them just in case.”

“Just like loo roll I’m not suggesting well known brands just a supply of basic pads and tampons.”

The Scottish Government and the New York Assembly have proposed similar legislation.

Kimberly Lavery said: “Despite the stigma around it, this is an issue which affects lots of local women and girls and I really hope the county council will consider it seriously. No women or young girls should ever be in a position that they are without a basic necessity such as sanitary items whether that’s due to affordability or just getting caught short without a personal supply when needed. All women should have access to sanitary items when needed.”

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