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No-Deal Could Mean Vauxhall Closures

Posted by Alex Mayer on 26th February 2019

Following the comments made by the chief executive of Vauxhall owner PSA Group Carlos Tavares that the company might have to make ‘unpopular decisions’, including shutting factories, if there is a no-deal Brexit, Luton Labour MEP Alex Mayer said:

“Vauxhall’s factory has top-notch facilities and highly skilled workers but we live in a global market. Like so many companies Vauxhall relies on quick and simple trade with the rest of Europe to move everyday parts and supplies.

“There is absolutely still time to make sure the nightmare of a factory closure does not come true but we need the Prime Minister to get a grip.

“She should urgently rule out a no-deal Brexit to ensure no tariffs, revoke Article 50 and give businesses the certainty they need.”