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‘Hear hear!’ MEP joins calls for testing ahead of World Hearing Day

Posted by Alex Mayer on 26th February 2019

Deaf and hard of hearing campaigners met Euro MP Alex Mayer as she visited Cambridgeshire Hearing Help in the run up to World Hearing Day.

The MEP was shown around the facility and took part in an online screening test to encourage people to get check their hearing.

In Cambridgeshire, NHS England estimate 161,000 people suffer from hearing loss. Cambridgeshire Hearing Help supports around 6,000 suffering severe or profound hearing loss each year.

It’s expected that the number of people suffering from hearing loss will rise to about 1 in 5 by 2035 due to an ageing population but could go higher due to exposure to noise from iPods. The World Health Organisation estimates nearly half of all teenagers and young adults are exposed to unsafe levels of sound.

The good news is that 60% hearing loss in children can be prevented through steps like reducing noise levels and vaccinating against diseases like measles, mumps, rubella and meningitis.

Alex Mayer MEP said: “It is great to be able to join Cambridgeshire Hearing Help to discuss their work ahead of World Hearing Day. I want to encourage everyone in Cambridgeshire to get tested to avoid disabling hearing loss.

“Politicians often shout or murmur their approval or disapproval during debates but in this case I give a hearty ‘Hear hear!’ to Cambridgeshire Hearing Help’s work to tackle hearing loss.”