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Ridiculous and irresponsible – local MEP slams new Brexit delay

Posted by Alex Mayer on 24th February 2019

Labour Euro MP Alex Mayer has slammed Theresa May’s decision to delay the latest crunch Brexit vote.

MPs had been expected to vote this week on the latest “meaningful vote” to reject or approve any changes she had managed to secure to her Brexit deal.

She has now announced a vote will happen by 12 March.

Ms Mayer said: “I hear the sound of yet more cans being kicked down the road. Delay and dither is all we get from this prime minister. Promising a vote by 12 March means by then there will then only be 17 days to go until Britain crashes out of the EU with no deal. It’s ridiculous and irresponsible. This is no way to run the country. It is high time to revoke Article 50 and end this pathetic brinkmanship.”