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Brexit amendments in House of Commons

Posted by Alex Mayer on 29th January 2019

Following the votes on a series of Brexit amendments in the House of Commons on 29th January, East of England Labour MEP Alex Mayer said:

“For all the drama, the key fact remains that we are currently on course to crash out of the European Union on 29 March. That would be a disaster for jobs and our standing in the world.

“The successful Spelman/ Dromey amendment calls for a ‘no deal’ exit to be ruled out, but doesn’t have a means to do so.

“After two years of failed negotiations the Prime Minister is still stubbornly sticking to self-imposed red lines but does not have a credible plan that can command the support of Parliament.

“This is no longer a case of “running down the clock” because it has run down. That is why businesses are triggering their emergency plans, warehouses are filling up with stockpiled products and we hear reports that the government is considering introducing Martial law in a no-deal Brexit scenario. 

On the successful Brady amendment she said: “I’m deeply worried because this attempt to make the backstop more palatable to Tory MPs, is something that the EU has already ruled out. Negotiations are a two way process.”