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MEP lights candle in memory of murdered Cambridge student

Posted by Alex Mayer on 25th January 2019

Campaigners gathered for a candle lit vigil three years to the day that murdered Cambridge PhD student Giulio Regeni disappeared.

Speaking at the event organised by Amnesty International, Cambridgeshire Euro MP Alex Mayer said:

“This is the third year we have gathered here and yet the truth is still elusive and the Egyptian Government continues to prevaricate. Many of those studying alongside Giulio have now left Cambridge but the candles we light show he will not be forgotten. We continue to demand the truth.”

Giulio Regeni was in Cairo conducting research into independent trade unions when he disappeared. His badly mutilated body was found nine days later.

Ms Mayer has recently called for an end to UK and EU diplomatic ties with the Egyptian parliament until progress is made in bringing Giulio’s killers to justice.

The Euro MP wants them to follow the lead of the Italian Parliament, the Chamber of Deputies, who took this step after seven Egyptian secret service agents were indicted by the district attorney in Rome.

Ms Mayer continued: “Only by using all diplomatic tools available to us will we find out the truth for Giulio’s parents and his friends.”