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Talking Cars Risk Getting Lost In Translation Warns Beds Euro MP

Posted by Alex Mayer on 15th January 2019

Driverless cars will all need to speak the same “language” to avoid collisions and traffic jams – that’s the message from Bedfordshire’s Euro MP Alex Mayer as she calls on Europe to adopt new standards.

Ms Mayer was speaking today in a debate about autonomous vehicles following a visit to Bedford’s Millbrook test-track where futuristic technology for driverless cars is being tested thanks to a new 5G upgrade.

Ms Mayer discussed the need for industry wide standards with Peter Stoker, Director of Vehicle Engineering, David Kernohan, Business Development Manager and Andrew Keay, Sales Director to ensure that all autonomous cars are able to communicate with each other, no matter who manufactures them.

Alex Mayer MEP said: “Everyone’s cars driving themselves round our town centres may seem a long way off, but if managed correctly their potential to make our roads safer could be enormous. Each year around 2,000 people are killed or seriously injured on Bedfordshire’s roads alone.

“To become a reality, of course, there will need to be car to car, and car to everything around them communications. And crucially, all cars really need to be speaking the same language. That’s where we need legislation.”