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Free Tampons For All Says Euro MP

Posted by Alex Mayer on 15th January 2019

Free sanitary products in all public loos, that is the call Watford MEP Alex Mayer made today (15th January) in the European Parliament chamber.

As MEPs again praised the end of the “tampon tax”, meaning sanitary products can be zero VAT rated – Ms Mayer said it was time to take a dramatic step further.

The average woman uses 10,000 tampons in a lifetime and spends £18,000 on periods – a lot a money for something completely natural and unstoppable that happens every month.

Ms Mayer says: “no one questions the cost of toilet roll in public loos or suggests everyone should carry one around with them just in case.”

“Just like loo roll I’m not suggesting well known brands just a supply of basic pads and tampons.”

The Euro MP believes the move would help stamp out period poverty and period stigma.

Plan International UK found that one in ten young women were unable to afford tampons and pads leading to girls missing out on school. Meanwhile tampons in every public loo would simply normalise the topic.

The Scottish Government and the New York Assembly have proposed similar legislation.

In a speech to the Chamber she said:

“So, I think it’s time to go a step further and, I call on European governments to fund free sanitary protection in all public buildings. Just as it is for loo roll in toilets, so let it be for pads and tampons.”