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Anger As East Of England MEP Joins Far-Right Party

Posted by Alex Mayer on 15th January 2019

UKIP East of England MEP Stuart Agnew has announced he is joining the European Parliament’s most far-right political group, known as the ENF.

The ENF was launched in 2015 by Marine Le Penn, the French National Front leader and Geert Wilders, head of the controversial Dutch anti-Islam “Freedom Party”, who was banned from entering the UK because of his racist views.

The ENF voted to make helping refugees a criminal offence, their MEPs have accused Muslim people of having a “backward culture” which will return Europe “into the Middle Ages” and said “women must earn less than men because they’re weaker, smaller and less intelligent.”

East of England Labour MEP Alex Mayer said: “I am sickened by this. UKIP have sunk into the darkest and most dangerous depths now. Stuart Agnew has got into bed with some very dodgy people. I don’t believe for a moment that the people of the East of England share these racist and sexist views. Mr Agnew should resign.”