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In Space And Brexit No-One Can Hear You Scream

Posted by Alex Mayer on 13th December 2018

Hertfordshire MEP Alex Mayer spoke out in support of the UK continuing to participate in EU space programmes ahead of a crunch vote in the European Parliament but warned time was running out to safeguard British jobs and businesses.​

Labour Euro MP Alex Mayer supported two amendments to the legislation to ensure UK companies will not be left out of EU space schemes post-Brexit. However speaking in the parliament chamber she made it clear “this does rather underline how working out our future relationship before leaving the European Union matters” pointing out that post-Brexit “we won’t have any UK MEPs to amend legislation to make it better for Britain.”

The next phase of the Copernicus programme could be worth £700 million to UK industry and companies including Airbus have made it clear it will not be possible to replicate the Copernicus system on a UK standalone basis.​

Ms Mayer said: “Today I will vote in support of British interests to try and ensure we can continue to participate in the Copernicus system. But after Brexit no-one will be able to hear us scream. In fact I worry we face an astronomically bad deal.”​