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University Centre Peterborough Praised In Parliament

Posted by Alex Mayer on 11th December 2018

University Centre Peterborough was praised in the European Parliament today for investing in state of the art 3D printers for engineering, computing and art students to use in their studies.

The brand new machines, with glowing blue insides, are enabling students to learn hands on how to 3D print, preparing them for the workforce where 3D printers are used to make inexpensive prototypes quickly and efficiently.

Euro MP Alex Mayer who visited the college to see the 3D printers was so impressed she decided to tell MEPs from across the whole of Europe about them.

Speaking in the Parliament chamber she said: “I saw the new machines whir into action and found out how students will be able to learn hands on how to design CAD files and to 3D print them, preparing them for a career in industry.

“I’m delighted that Peterborough students are at the forefront of the digital revolution.”

The number of job adverts asking for 3D printing skills increased by 1,834% between 2010 and 2014 and the market is expected to be as big as £16 billion globally in 2021.