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Cambridge Stays take Brexitometer to city centre

Posted by Alex Mayer on 8th December 2018

Ahead of Tuesday’s crunch vote in Westminster on Theresa May’s Brexit deal campaigners were out in force in Cambridge city centre today as part of a national day of action by the “People’s Vote” campaign.

“Cambridge Stays”, the local pro-EU group was joined by Cambridgeshire Euro MP Alex Mayer as they invited shoppers to have their say on their big Brexitometer. The results showed a huge 93% of people who took part want to remain in the EU.

Alex Mayer MEP said: “Whether you voted leave or remain this Brexit deal satisfies no one and solves nothing. Well done to Daniel Zeichner and Heidi Allen for standing firm and opposing this nonsense – now let’s keep up the pressure on other local MPs. It’s just not patriotic to vote to make Britain weaker, poorer and more isolated.”