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Chaos and confusion reigns at the heart of government

Posted by Alex Mayer on 21st November 2018

Following Theresa May’s press conference (Thursday 15 November) East of England Labour Euro MP Alex Mayer said:

“Chaos and confusion reigns at the heart of government. A marathon cabinet meeting followed by a pronouncement of a “collective decision” on the steps of Downing Street which unravelled in an instant. Even by May’s standards this is extraordinary disarray.

If she can’t persuade her own Brexit Secretary this is a good deal, what earthly chance has she got with other MPs and more importantly the British people?

As for her desperate deal, we’ve got 585 pages of which only three are about the economic agreement for the future. This woolly, fudge of a deal glosses over security, research and rights at work.

Jeremy Corbyn is right, this isn’t a deal Labour can or should sign up to. Theresa May has failed to provide real detail and now wants us to take a blindfold leap into the unknown.

In a bizarre press conference she then said she still believes she is on the “right course”. She may, but no one else does. She cannot continuing burying her head in the sand. Britain deserves better than this.”