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Brexit Statement – MEP Responds

Posted by Alex Mayer on 21st November 2018

Following the Prime Minster’s statement on Brexit outside Downing Street, East of England Labour Euro MP Alex Mayer said:

“Finally Theresa May has hammered out a desperate Brexit deal.

“If it took a marathon five hour meeting to sell the deal to her own Cabinet, I wonder how she will fare selling the deal to the rest of the country?

“Brexit is a once in a generation catastrophe for our country but I do not believe the deal that will stand the test of time.

“From what we know so far, this Brexit deal looks a million miles away from what was promised in 2016.

“I will never back a deal that further deregulates the economy, supports neo-liberalism but undermines the rights of working people. We were promised the same benefits we enjoy today in terms of trade and access to the world’s largest single market. Instead Britain will be stuck in an indefinite limbo without any real say.

“Theresa May is wrong – this Brexit deal isn’t in the national interest.

“I don’t want this bad deal or no deal. It’s time for a general election or a public vote on the deal.”