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Johnson Press Administration: Local Press More Important Than Ever Says Euro MP

Posted by Alex Mayer on 19th November 2018

Following the news that Johnson Press has gone into administration, Luton MEP Alex Mayer said:

“In this era of ‘fake news’ and dodgy internet stories, it is more important than ever that we have independent local papers that can report the facts and ask the difficult questions.

“There are now 200 fewer local publications than there were in 2005. That’s not healthy for democracy and it is vital that the Peterborough Telegraph, the Luton News, the Hemel Gazette, the Biggleswade Chronicle, the Bedford Citizen and the Herald and Post do not become further casualties.

“Is Johnson Press being taken over by a holding company controlled by an American hedge fund a long term solution? We need guarantees they’ll support quality journalism not turn out to be asset strippers.

“Most of all we need Peterborough Telegraph, Luton News, Hemel Gazette, Biggleswade Chronicle, Bedford Citizen and Herald and Post journalists to be able to continue to do what they do best – breaking local stories in the communities they know and holding local figures to account.”