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“May Out Of Step With The Country” Says Alex Mayer MEP

Posted by Alex Mayer on 3rd October 2018

Responding to Theresa May’s Conservative Party Conference speech today, East of England MEP Alex Mayer said

“Theresa May might have danced on to the stage but her speech shows she is out of step with the country.

“In a speech about opportunity it’s a crying shame the PM didn’t take the opportunity to explain how she would tackle the social care crisis, or the chaos on the railways or per pupil funding in the classroom. She’s out of ideas and clearly rattled by Jeremy Corbyn.

Meanwhile she’s still banging on about her doomed Chequers plan for Brexit which has no support in her party let alone in Europe. And she is still willing to talk up a catastrophic no-deal Brexit. So much for putting on her dancing shoes, it is high time she finally faced her Waterloo.”