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Posted by Alex Mayer on 4th September 2018

Luton residents are being urged to say “I do” and join the organ donation register.

Bedfordshire Euro MP Alex Mayer joined Luton NHS staff as part of organ donation week (dates) to discuss the nationwide organ shortage and how important it is to talk to family about organ donation.

Twenty three people in Bedfordshire have died waiting for a transplant in the last five years.

As part of this year’s organ donation week people are taking ‘selfies’ and tweeting using the #YesIDOnate hashtag so close family are aware of their wishes.

Many people believe that all you need to do to show you want to be a donor is to join the NHS Organ Donor Register or carry a donor card.  But, if you die in circumstances where you could become an organ donor your family would be approached by specialist nurses and asked to support your decision to donate.

Less than half of families approached about donation agree if they are not aware of their relative’s decision to be a donor.  When a family says no to donation, someone waiting on a donor may miss out on their only opportunity for a transplant which could save their life.

Ms Mayer says: “This is often a difficult topic but it is such an important one.

“Over 400 people died in the UK last year waiting for a transplant. More lives could be saved if more people signed up and shared their organ donation decision.

Saying #YesIDOnate is giving an extraordinary gift.”

You can sign up to the Organ Donation register online at