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Foreign Secretary Quits – Alex Mayer MEP Responds

Posted by Alex Mayer on 9th July 2018

Commenting on the news that Boris Johnson has resigned as Foreign Secretary, Labour Euro MP Alex Mayer said:

“Another one down. This is Theresa May’s most chaotic day yet. Her Brexit Chequers plan was in tatters this morning, now its a burnt out ruin. Surely it is now time for her to face facts. Her Cabinet is in meltdown, her party is at war, she needs to go.

“There is bewilderment in Europe. It took two years for Theresa May to work out what her Cabinet wanted from Brexit and two minutes for it to unravel. We can’t go on like this.”

“This Government continues to lurch from crisis to crisis without any regard for the people of the UK.

“These resignations look less like principled stands on policy and more like the jockeying for position in the next Tory leadership contest.

“With the clock ticking these shenanigans show Tory cabinet ministers are not thinking of the long term interests of our country but the short term interests of their careers.”