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“Happy Birthday NHS!” Says MEP

Posted by Alex Mayer on 8th July 2018

Euro MP Alex has wished the National Health Service “Happy Birthday” as part of the celebrations of its founding seventy years ago.  Ms Mayer joined NHS workers in St Neots, March and King’s Lynn presenting them with a giant Birthday card.

The Labour MEP stressed how the NHS puts people first and supports us at every stage of our lives and pledged to make sure the NHS survives and thrives for the next seventy years.

Alex Mayer MEP praised hardworking NHS staff but also warned of Brexit troubles ahead.

This weekend NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens warned “extensive planning” is taking place within government to ensure the National Health Service does not run out of medicines and equipment in a cliff-edge, no-deal Brexit scenario.

Alex Mayer MEP said: “Happy Birthday NHS, and a huge thank you to all the hardworking doctors, nurses and other staff who make our NHS so amazing.

“People were told a big fat lie on the side of a bus, that leaving the EU would deliver £350 million for the NHS. Instead under a chaotic Tory Brexit we now know the NHS is having to plan for a doomsday scenario where they run out of medicines, EU doctors and nurses are returning home at a time of staff shortages, and we will miss out on new research and new medicines. It’s a crying shame.”