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Brexit Could Pull The Plug On UK’s Nuclear Energy Industry, Warns Alex Mayer MEP

Posted by Alex Mayer on 20th June 2017

Nuclear powers stations, research and safety are under threat by an ill thought out Government decision, warned Suffolk MEP Alex Mayer after a visit to Sizewell B Nuclear power station to hear concerns from the industry.

When the Government published their bill to start the Brexit process, at the same time they said they planned to end Britain’s membership of Euratom.

Euratom is an entirely separate treaty from our membership of the EU which was signed in 1957 with the purpose of creating a single market for nuclear knowledge and resources in the peaceful pursuit of science and nuclear energy.

Ms. Mayer said: “Was it that is just had the letters EU in it, that caused Theresa May’s reckless decision to quit EURATOM? I really hope not.

“The nuclear option makes no sense at all when it comes to nuclear power. EURATOM is responsible for safeguarding inspections and not only is Britain ill equipped to take over this work, those in the industry say that international collaboration is vital to ensure the highest possible safety standards.

“There are now real question marks for companies like EDF who rely on secure supply chains for construction which could be a issue for Sizewell C.

“On top of this, EURATOM is the legal owner of all nuclear material, and guarantor of any nuclear materials Britain buys, including our nuclear trade with the United States.

“Brexit brings many uncertainties, but this is one that problem that could have been avoided. I hope very serious, swift work will be done to sort this mess out.”