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“Leavers Lies Over Single Market In Tatters Following May’s Speech” – Alex Mayer MEP

Posted by Alex Mayer on 17th January 2017

Alex Mayer, Labour MEP for the East of England has slammed the lies of ‘Leavers’ during the European referendum campaign who said that the UK would remain in the single market following today’s speech by Teresa May.

Ms Mayer said: “I think I preferred ‘Red, White and Blue Brexit’ to ‘abandon everything to keep Tory Eurosceptics happy Brexit.’

“I’m angry because during the referendum in hustings after hustings if I mentioned some of the benefits of our membership of the European Union like membership of the Single Market, Leave campaigners just replied that we could negotiate to keep that part. But it is clear the new Tory plan now leaves that idea in tatters.”

“12 negotiating objectives have been outlined but where are the plans to protect jobs, the economy, and environmental rights?”

“Sadly the Tories are still playing politics with Britain’s prosperity”.