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Will Brexit harm cleaner energy and cheaper bills?

Posted by Alex Mayer on 12th December 2016

Labour MEP Alex Mayer wants to know if the Government has a Brexit energy plan.

As an EU member Britain is currently part of the “Internal Energy Market” which means we benefit from the EU’s new Clean Energy Package.

This plans to increase the use of renewable energy, revamp the energy market for consumers and make buildings more energy efficient.

However, our continued membership of the EU Internal Energy Market is unclear following the Brexit vote.

Alex Mayer MEP said:

“The government are keeping us in the dark on the issue of energy but I beleive being part of the Internal Energy Market is very important if we want to keep energy prices down, promote renewables and decarbonise our economy.

“Only by working together with our neighbours can we collectively stand up to greedy energy companies, stop big business polluting our air and share the challenge of tackling climate change.

“Whether its wind turbine along the Norfolk and Suffolk coasts or the Cleantech sector in Cambridge we need to be at the forefront on energy not stuck with Government uncertainty.”